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El Rudo is here

El Rudo Gourmet

Is the result of a business partnership between two dear compadres living in Canada. Paula Zavala, a well recognized Mexican-born Chef, and Cesar Mendoza, expat, foodie and Mexican gastronomy aficionado.

Everything started when they stormed an industrial kitchen and didn't leave until they created the perfect Sauce.

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Macha Sauce (Salsa Macha)

The name comes from a traditional type of Sauce from Mexico.
The actual place of origin is unknown as it is disputed between a couple of towns that guarantee they were the creators.
The traditional version is generally very spicy as it is usually made with "chile de arbol" which is one of the hottest dried chiles in Mexico.

At El Rudo, we decided to create our own version.
Like the traditional, our Macha is oil based but we added different dried non-spicy chiles to provide a unique smokiness and the right level of spice.
We mixed different ingredients, including seeds and fruits to provide a tangy, bittersweet flavour.

Our Salsa Macha can be enjoyed in either one of our two versions, Original and Hot. Both hold our fantastic signature flavour, but our hot version will definitely make you sweat!

It can be used to marinade steaks, chicken or fish, as well as an everyday "enhancer" of food.


El Rudo may be addictive

Our Macha can be used on any kind of food!
Open a jar, put it on the table and add some drops to your food. When paired with international food (eg. pizza, dumplings, sandwiches, salads) our Macha complements it perfectly.

It provides a nice kick to soups, meats, salads and obviously tacos.

El Rudo just got Hotter!

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El Rudo Pairing Ideas

Shrimp all Macha

Macha Wontons

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